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We are contracted with Genesis Advice and work along with New Zealand's major insurers including AIA, Asteron, AMP, Fidelity, Vero, Southern Cross, NIB, etc.

EC Insurance specialize in Risk Management and our aim is to help our clients protect what is the most valuable to them. We will help to provide solutions to the all financial risks they may face during their lifeftime. EC Insurance promise to provide the best customer service and we always put our clients' interest first.

Let us help you protect the important things in life.

TAILORING to suit your needs

We specialise in Personal Risk Management and we always listen to your needs.

At EC. Insurance, all products are suggested to tailor each and every client.

All individuals are different and so are your needs and suituations.

Talk to us now and let us understand what protection is for you.

General Insurance



We offer a wide range of products for you to protect what's important to you. For example:

• Insure the roof over your head
• Protect your belongings
• Cover to keep you on the road

• Renovation and Construction Cover

• Business Insurance

and much more.....

Health & Medical



Health insurance is necessary for each and every individual.

When you have a serious health issue, you would want it sorted straight away.

Health Cover can speed up the process by advoiding the public hospital waiting list and allow you to have treatment as soon as you need it.