General Insurance

Insurance works by taking out a policy for the things you want to protect - it could be for your car, your home, or all of your material possessions that you’ve worked so hard for. These policies are designed to protect you financially against certain risks and events.

Your insurance is outlined by the policy document which clearly states what you’re covered for and what situations are excluded. Remember to read and understand a policy document even before you buy a policy. 

If something does happen, which is covered in the insurance policy, you make a claim for the damage or loss. The insurance company will assess the loss and make payment on a valid claim.


Our most comprehensive house insurance cover option coveres you for the cost of replacing your home, up to a Sum Insured amount that you choose.

Your home is protected against burglary, vandalism, fire, flood, storms and natural disasters, as well as accidental loss or damage.

If your home is damaged and you’re unable to live in your home while repairs are being carried out, we can help you pay for alternative accommodation for up to 12 months.

For more details on our cover option, contact us now.


What makes a house a home is different for all of us. That’s why Vero’s Residential Contents Policy allows flexibility in the items you insure.  Furniture, technology, jewellery, sports gear – even the valuables you carry on your person away from home can be covered by one Vero contents policy.

You can choose from two levels of cover to suit you, but either way you’ll receive some great benefits like personal liability cover and alternative accommodation.  There are added benefits under the Maxi cover option, including; transit cover for your contents if you move house; and replacement value for most contents - which means for a total loss, we’ll replace your contents with a brand new item.


To Vero, insurance is not about things going wrong, it’s about us putting them right. So if your car is damaged in an accident, we’ll get you back on the road as soon as possible.  

When you’re insured with Vero MotorPlan Comprehensive cover, your insurance goes beyond just repair or replacement.  We’ll cover emergency costs for accommodation or your transport home after an accident. And you’re covered for cleaning, valet costs and keys and locks if your vehicle is damaged when broken into. 

With three familiar levels of car insurance cover – Comprehensive; Third Party, Fire and Theft; and Third Party Only – you can choose the MotorPlan that suits you best.

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