Personal Insurance

Personal Insurance is to help you protect your loved ones when the unexpected happens.

We never know what life has in it for us. What if we died in an accident, become terminally ill or disabled? Personal Insurance will help you and your family get through the hard times by finacaially supporting what matter to you most.

Are you prepared for the unexpected?


Deciding whether you need life insurance or not can be a hard process. Our lives are ever changing and the future is unpredictable, needless to mention accidents. Having life insurnace in place can help you prtotect what is most valuable to you.  Contact us now to let us walk you through the process with understanding and ease.

Income Protection

The ability to earn an income is the most important assest of each individual. So why wouldn't you protect it? With Income Protection in place, you can receive up to 75% of your income when you are seriously ill, injuried or disabled. Your family will be protected against any financial changes while you concentrate on recovery.


The possibility of getting seriously ill or injuried can happen to anyone. Yes, even the fit and healthy ones.

Trauma Insurance allow you to become financially stabled when the unexpected happens. It helps you and your family to work through the hard times together without worring about your financial situation.

Mortgage Protection

What if you become ill or injuried and can't work? Who will pay the mortgage? If you are in this situation, mortgage repayment will provide a monthly payment to help you with your motgage and some general expenses until you are well enough to go back to work. Don't lose your home even when the worst happens.


We never know what life has in store for us and unfortunately, the unexpected can happen to any of us! Disability Insurance will provide a lump sum payment when you are permanently disabled due to a serious illness or injury. The lump sum you receive will help you and your close ones cope with the financial impact. 


Whenever we get sick, everyone wants help and treatment as soon as possible. The public health system in New Zealand will make you wait, depending on you condition.

Want efficiency when it comes to health? Protect you and your family with health cover now.

We deal with top companies like Southern Cross, AIA, Partner's Life and NIB.


Going on holiday? Working Oversea? Frequent traveller?

Whatever you are, be covered with Travel Insurance so your can enjoy your time away without worrying about unexpected circumstances.