Business Insurance


There is no single policy to cover all your business risks, but there is a single plan.  By addressing all your business risks together, you’ll have the comfort of knowing that you are comprehensively covered with the Vero BusinessPlan.


Whether you are looking for commercial building cover or running a business and require material damage, business interruption or liability covers - we have it all for you.

At EC. Insurance we provide a wide range of products to suit all type of businesses. We will work with you to build a business plan that best suits your needs.

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Construction Cover


Did you know that your home insurance may not cover you for damage caused as a result of any structural additions or alterations to your home?

Kiwis. We’re known for our DIY ‘can do’ attitude. What a lot of us don’t know is that our home insurance doesn’t necessarily cover us for any damage to the house relating to major renovations, structural alterations or additions (even if you have a contractor doing the work for you). If you’re getting ready to do a bit of DIY, or even hiring a contractor to do the work for you, contact your AMP Adviser about AMP’s construction insurance policy – AMP Site Cover. AMP Site Cover in conjunction with an AMP Home Plan policy, will help you get on with the job knowing that you’ll be covered when the unthinkable happens.

If you are in the Construction business, then you are certainly required to have Construction Cover in place. Construction Cover may provide various benefits such as covering professional fess, expediting expenses, maintenance period, contract works, freight, transit and etc.

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